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Decorative Concrete Services

MOBO offers applications for any hard surface—residential, commercial, or industrial—and services to clean, repair, replace, or create new concrete surfaces.


If you have a hard surface, we have an application for it.

MOBO applies and engraves hard surfaces for residents in the Metro-Atlanta Area and beyond. It may be time to begin thinking of how you can turn your old concrete, tile, or other composite material surface into a functional masterpiece.

Residential Applications

Start planning your design.


You want it to look good. You need it to last.

Commercial and industrial surfaces have safety and chemical usage requirements, as well as OSHA and other agency regulations. Additionally, corporate brand standards dictate a specific color and finish. MOBO's expertise in why our products are the hardest, longest-lasting, and most versatile will ensure your requirements are met while appearance doesn't become an afterthought..


If it's broke, fix it...

MOBO will assess your concrete to see if power washing or repairing cracks can restore it to renewed life. While cleaning and repairing does revitalize the surface, it is always recommended that it be sealed for protection and longevity.

Restore your old concrete.


Whether it's a do-over, addition, or new pour, we got you covered.

Many clients come to us needing new concrete pours to replace old surfaces, add onto existing surfaces, or create brand new, functional spaces. Once poured, MOBO can seal or apply any decorative concrete coating or application, or stamp a decorative pattern into the concrete before it cures.

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