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Concrete Coatings & Applications

Infinite size, color, and texture combinations to design your space to your desired look.

Why are our coating systems long-lasting?

With few exceptions all hard surfaces have a top layer of dirt, sealant, or polish, creating a thin, hard glaze on the surface. This thin layer is non-porous and prohibits anything applied over it from absorbing.

By profiling (grinding) the surface it accomplishes two things: 1. Grinding removes any dirt or existing product; and 2. Properly profiling and cleaning opens the surface to absorb new material.

Now properly profiled and cleaned the surface absorbs the material into it like a sponge. Rather than remain on the surface, the product sinks deeply, as much as 1/4", into the surface for a lasting bond.

Epoxy Flake Colors & Sizes 


A fresh finish that creates a subtle, and low-contrast appearance. This look is very versatile, effective in nearly any interior or exterior space.


Slightly more contrast than the 1/16" flake, this size provides more texture and begins to mimic natural stone finishes.



A perfect balance of contrast and texture is the reason our 1/4" flake is most common for interiors and exteriors.


Make a bold statement by increasing the flake size to a full inch. By doing so the individual flake color becomes more pronounced and glamorous.