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Power Wash & Crack Repair

Restore the character and beauty of your hard surface with a good cleaning and repair.

Power washing & surface restoration

Clean and reseal surfaces for lasting appeal. Power washing  old concrete, high-traffic areas, and public spaces reveals character hidden by time and heavy use.

Power washing an old surface not only removes the effects of time, wear and tear, and abuse, it restores the original look of the surface.

Regular maintenance begins with preventative measures to guard against future use and exposure. Sealants provide surface protection and extend life. 

Crack repair

If it's broke we can fix it. Cracks can add character to a floor. Filling cracked surfaces stops erosion or restores the surface integrity prior to an application overlay.

We grind, clean, and seal all cracks to prevent further wear. Leaving cracks will mimic the character of marble, granite, or other natural stone surfaces.

It is best to repair cracks prior to some applications, particularly epoxy-based. Smoothing the surface significantly enhances visual appeal and durability.

We'll get you an estimate.

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